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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Mission

To provide a work environment that attracts, develops, and celebrates the professional success of every individual.

We strive to have a work environment that:

  • Reflects the clients we serve
  • Provides everyone with the opportunity to succeed
  • Values the differences of each individual
  • Recognizes their contributions to our firm's success
CBRE team with Bob

The CBRE Employee Advantage

What it feels like to work at CBRE


You have the freedom to make your own path

Your career is in your own hands; there’s no need to wait to be shown the way. It’s about how well you perform, not just how long you’ve worked here. You’re encouraged to take intelligent risks and explore new ideas and innovations. Our scale gives you mobility and a broader choice of opportunities.

You always have a team behind you

An inclusive, sociable spirit exists across our company. We’re proud of our work and know we can always improve. Our people inspire each other to aim for world-class. We enjoy tackling challenges together to achieve great outcomes.

The values that guide us


We act with consideration for others’ ideas and share information openly to inspire trust and encourage collaboration


No one individual, no one deal, no one client, is bigger than our commitment to our company and what we stand for


We approach our clients’ challenges with enthusiasm and diligence, building long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital and opportunities


We focus on creating winning outcomes for our clients, employees, and shareholders

“At CBRE, we are committed to providing a work environment that attracts, develops and retains the best people and celebrates the professional success of every individual. Our diversity and inclusion practices and policies – including our support for various employee networking groups and commitment to diversity in succession planning and talent acquisition – play a big role in our strategy. They have resulted in a stronger, more diverse workforce that allows us to produce exceptional outcomes for our clients and fosters career growth for our people.”

Bob Sulentic
President & Chief Executive Officer

Contact Info

Phuong Le

Phuong Le

Diversity Recruiter

Beverly Bradshaw

Beverly Bradshaw

Vice President, Employee Relations, Talent Mgt, Diversity and Inclusion

Network Groups

Network groups enable CBRE to accentuate the value of a diverse employee base. Talent, above all else, is cultivated and nourished as the foundation of the CBRE culture.

Our Network Groups are open to all CBRE employees.

African-American Network Group (AANG)

The vision of the African-American Network Group (AANG) is to advance diversity and inclusion as a core value benefitting CBRE, our clients, and our communities, with a particular focus on recruiting, retaining and developing our black professionals.


AANG Mission Statement

To deliver a platform and cultivate relationships where

  • AANG operates as a vital contributor to the company’s business and financial success through time
  • AANG supports talent readiness and development for CBRE’s black professionals at all levels
  • AANG contributes to CBRE’s earned reputation as the best place to work in the real estate industry for diverse professionals


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender (LGBT) Network Group

The CBRE Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network Group provides an open-minded support system for conducting business and addressing the personal requirements of our LGBT community. The network acts as an advocate for and advisor to our LGBT employees, while helping shape CBRE practices and programs to ensure a business community in which merit supersedes sexual orientation and gender.


The Human Rights Campaign is America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.


Out & Equal™ Workplace Advocates is the largest and most effective national, nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving workplace equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees and professionals


To learn more about LGBT Network Group VISIT OUR CORPORATE SITE

Asia Pacific American Forum (APAF)

Asia Pacific American Forum (APAF) is our newest network, focusing on attracting, developing and retaining Asian Pacific American talent. APAF develops training programs as well as mentoring opportunities focused on building skill sets, including preparing members for production roles and leadership opportunities. The group helps our communities through volunteerism and charitable contributions. It’s also focused on building external connections to Asian professional organizations.

CBRE Military

More than 1,200 of CBRE’s employees are current and prior military, and their service experience provides them with specialized skills and experiences much different from those of civilian workers. CBRE Military connects current and prospective employees who self-identify as current or prior military.

Our History

Founded in 2012 and operating as the Junior Military Officer (JMO) Program, the group focused on pairing CBRE candidates with current or prior military experience with one of more than 300 internal current and prior military volunteers to find appropriate placement within CBRE or a client’s business.

“Our military experienced employees are vital to the success of our business and our operations. CBRE Military will work to recruit, develop and retain these employees in a way that sets them up for success in our corporate environment while speaking to their military background."

- Grayson Gill

 Chief Operating Officer, Asset Services

To learn more about CBRE Military VISIT OUR CORPORATE SITE

Hispanic Network Group (HNG)

The Hispanic Network Group (HNG) focuses on building meaningful relationships among CBRE Hispanic and Latino employees across the Americas and local communities to leverage entrepreneurial capabilities and increase professional development and business opportunities.


The HNG provides its members networking and information exchange opportunities; creates opportunities for individual career development; advocates for recruiting more minorities into the company; and positions the network as a vehicle for community service and outreach.


  • Grow our members’ business and careers by connecting across business lines and geographies across the Americas
  • Exchange of valuable industry information and education
  • Engage in philanthropic efforts that give back to the communities our members serve


Women's Network (WNG)

The Women’s Network is an organization by women for everyone that promotes inclusiveness and individuality both internally and externally. The Women’s Network brings together individuals from throughout the company who are not only united in a common set of ideals—mentoring, professional development, personal enrichment and networking—but also in making CBRE the best place to work, not just for women, but for everyone.



We are committed to enhancing professional and personal growth through key initiatives including networking forums, mentoring programs, recognition and philanthrophic efforts.

The Women’s Network is all that and more. We bring together a cross section of individuals from throughout the company who are not only united in a common set of ideals—mentoring, professional development, personal enrichment and networking—but also in making CBRE the best place to work, not just for women, but for everyone.


With its grassroots beginning in 2000, the Women’s Network started with an informal breakfast meeting involving 35 female professionals from across the United States, and has since developed into a dynamic and diverse group of more than 2,200 members and growing. It includes women and men at all levels of our organization, in CBRE offices around the globe and every service line.


“The best thinking often springs from our unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We need to celebrate our differences and create diversity of thought in our workforce. In this way, we can deliver the best outcomes for all our stakeholders, including clients and employees.”

– Martha Bayer, Global Director, Talent Strategy and Diversity

Global Efforts

Our diversity and inclusion mission remains the same across the world: we are committed to providing a work environment that earnestly attracts, embraces, develops, retains and celebrates the professional success of every individual.

Olivia Walsh

Asian Pacific (APAC) leaders

Olivia Walsh

Head of Talent Development and Diversity, Human Resources
Level 21, 363 George Street | Sydney, NSW, 2000
T 61 2 9333 3495

Lena Ubhi

Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) leaders

Lena Ubhi

Head of Learning & Development, Human Resources
Henrietta House, Henrietta Place | London, W1G 0NB
T 020 7182 2000




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